Coverdown: Freewheelin' 204 / Freewheelin'-on-line take 6

freewheelin-on-line take 6 cover


I must admit that I didn’t have a great deal to do with the design on the cover of this month’s Freewheelin'’. For those who were able to attend the Second Annual John Green Day at the Moat House Hotel Northampton on the 31st August, the images will be immediately familiar as this design adorned both the cover of the programme and also the T-shirt that marked the event. The design was actually constructed by Phil Townsend of and it’s a beaut. In fact it is a must for this months cover, if nothing else it will always be a reminder of something good that happened in August 2002.

One thing that I particularly like about the cover is that Phil replicates the centre piece image from the ‘Basements Tapes’ album of Dylan sitting with a lyre behind a reel to reel machine. What I have always found so cool about that image is Dylan’s multi-coloured jacket. I have scoured every Oxfam shop in the country hoping to find a jacket like that but to no avail.

Remember the story of Joseph and his coat of many colours? It was what made him special, he stood out from the crowd: an interpreter of dreams who found favour with rich and poor alike. Oh, to have a coat like that!

I wonder what happened to that jacket? Perhaps it was handed down from father to son: from Dylan to Jakob; just like the original from Jacob to his son Joseph. Or perhaps Dylan took it with him on a jaunt to the UK but then decided that it brought him so much bad luck that he just left it on a park bench where it was found by charity worker who put it on a coat hanger and hung it in the window of his shop. Where it remains to this day. Waiting for me (or you) to find it…………


Theo Casamegas