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Pilot Issue


I am blue-lake, crystal-clear about this: I believe in the art of Bob Dylan. I believe that the art of Bob Dylan is as important to the world now as the sun comes up on the 21st Century as other great artists were to their own time and space. The medium doesn't matter. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, both visual and performing arts combine to stir our imaginations, to touch the divinity in woman and man that can only be sensed by the appreciation of art that surrounds us. I believe that the art of Bob Dylan has the power to touch us and stir us in this way and that is what makes Bob Dylan's art so important in these crazy fragile times. The art of Bob Dylan is a solid rock made before the foundation of the world. And I can't let go and I won't let go.

This cover to Freewheelin' exemplifies my belief in the importance of the art of Bob Dylan and furthers my contention that visual and performing arts can combine to touch and stir the senses. I have Dylan intertwined with art of the centuries, with artists from Medieval times to those from the Renaissance; from the Romantics to the Impressionists to the Surrealists; from the Cubists to the Abstract Expressionists. And as you look at this background of wonderful images; and as you see the image of Bob Dylan welcoming you to his own art and as you accept the invitation and listen to his poetry and music so you understand his importance.

I am very pleased to be able to illustrate my belief in the art of Bob Dylan through my covers for Freewheelin' which will become part of the Internet magazine freewheelin-on-line. The artist will often be placed alongside other great artists of the centuries past to bring visual and performing arts together so that the same can co-exist in a wonderful display of colours and emotions. I hope that some of the images that I create will enhance this new concept in the appreciation of the art of Bob Dylan.

To obtain the full benefit of this collage, try becoming inter-active. Just click on the cover above which will take you to a full size version of the picture. You can then, if you wish, print the picture and then clearly see Dylan among the great artists of past centuries.


Theo Casamegas