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The Gallery

Theo Casamegas was one of the first people to move in to Freewheelin' House. He is an artist and he has a special notion about Bob Dylan. Theo considers that you can place Dylan’s art against the art of any of the greatest artists who have ever lived and it would favour in comparison. In his lifelong pursuit of endeavouring to attach some kind of proof to his notion, Theo adopts the works of the great artists as a backdrop to images of Dylan. In the Gallery you will find the 38 covers that Theo designed for Freewheelin' and below you will also find the names of the artists (together with other luminaries) who appear in these covers. If you click on the name of the artist or luminary it will take you to the cover and if you want to read more about the picture then Theo has provided an explanation under each study. [To come back to this page, just click on the back button in your browser.] You may be interested to note that the works of Pablo Picasso appear on 6 covers and that is much more than any other artist featured. Are you trying to tell us something Theo?

Alfred Hitchcock Take 7
Alison Lapper Take 25
Allen Ginsberg Take 17
Andy Warhol Take 29

Barnett Newman (1905
1970) Take 10 Take 11 Take 12
Bob Hope Take 15
Bob The Builder Take 14
Captain Kidd Take 32

Carlo Ambrosini Take 28
Carolyn Hester  Take 14

Catherine Yass Tale 9

Chaime Soutine (1894–1944) Take 31

Clint Eastwood Take 9
Dante Gabrielle Rosetti (1830–1894) Take 19
David Blaine Take 18
David Brent Take 12

Doctor Who Take 25
Edgar Degas (1834-1917) Take 2

Edmund Blackadder Take 8

Edvard Munch (1863-1944) Take 29 Take 30
Edward Hopper (1882-1967) Take 29
Edward Munch Take 29

El Greco (1541–1614) Take 8

Elvis Presley Take 22
Ernest Hemingway Take 17
Errol Flynn Take 17

Fiona Banner Take 9

Frank Sinatra Take 15
Frida Kahlo (1907–1954) Take 13
God Take 32
Gollum Take 22
Gregory Peck Take 2
Haku Maki Take 3
Henri Matisse (1869–1954) Take 5
J.M.W.Turner (1775–1851) Take 4
Jack Fate Take 26 Take 27
Jackson Pollock Take 32

James Mason Take 9

Jennifer Jones Take 2

Jesus Christ Take 12 Take 38

Jimmy Reed Take 31
John Lennon Take 13

Keith Tyson Take 9

Leonardo da Vinci Take 38
Liam Gillick Take 9

Marc Quinn Take 25
Marilyn Monroe Take 22
Mark Carter
Take 26
Mark Rothco Take 32

Monty Python Take 10

Narcissus Take 24

Ozzy Osbourne Take 9

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) Take 5 Take 27 Take 34 Take 35 Take 36 Take 37
Pagan Lace Take 27

Patti Smith Take 1
Paul Gaugin Take 20
Paul McCarthy Take 18

Peter Jackson Take 22
Phil Townsend Take 6
Pierre Bonnard (1867–1947) Take 7
Piet Mondrian Take 38

Professor Christopher Ricks Take 19

Quentin Tarantino Take 26

Red Grooms Take 33
RenÚ Magritte Take 1

Roy Lichtenstein (1923–1997) Take 26

Rudolph, Dancer and Blitzen Take 33
Rupert The Bear Take 18
Saint Augustine Take 8

Salvador Dalý  Take 23 Take 24 Take 25 Take 38
Sara Dylan
Take 4
Sigmund Freud Take 25

Stanley Kubrick Take 9

Suze Rotolo Take 29
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Take 2

Tommy Cooper Take 11

Van Gogh Take 15 Take 31
Willem de Kooning (1904–1997) Take 32

William Blake Take 38



Freewheelin' House

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Freewheelin' House used to be the home of the Freewheelin'-on-line website. It is a replica of the ‘The Yellow House’ at Arles, South of France, featured in a painting completed by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh in the summer of 1888. Vincent lived in this house and his intention was that it would become a commune for like-minded poets and painters who would, by force of their creativity, raise the barriers of art to a new level. The Freewheelers have no such lofty desires – we just want to do our thing in our own way. But Vincent’s ‘Yellow House’ is a great place to be! 

The doors of Freewheelin' House were opened to the public on 24th May 2003, a year after the instigation of the Freewheelin'-on-line magazine. The first person to enter the house was John Nye, who masterfully built it and tastefully decorated all the rooms. If you look closely you'll find a commemorative plaque to John Nye in the house and the Freewheelers wish to thank John for all his invaluable help on this project.