The Third Annual John Green Day

(Folk Ways in Northampton)

Saturday 17 May 2003
Moat House Hotel, Northampton
From 10am to 10pm


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As 2003 saw the 40th anniversary of the release of the Freewheelin’ album, the theme for the Third Annual John Green Day was Dylan’s early folk career. In keeping with this theme there was a rare live performance at the event by American folk icon Carolyn Hester, who has had strong links with Dylan, particularly during the early 60s. 

There were further items on the agenda linked to the 60s folk scene in addition to a full programme of other events that included talks, book signings, merchandising tables and a Dylan video room. Andrew Muir launched his new book on Dylan’s lyrics at the event and C. P. Lee was also available to sign copies of his new book Shake, Rattle and Rain.

The evening was devoted to live music with performances from the wonderful Dylanesque, from the band Cold Overture who created such a storm in 2002, and, of course, from Carolyn Hester.

And once again, despite overwhelming popular demand, the day saw the return of our infamous m.c. – Keith Agar.



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