The Bob Dylan Show 2005

The Fifth Annual John Green Day

Hotel Elizabeth in Rockingham,
near Corby
Saturday 30 July 2005


Some headlines from the Convention


Cold Overture full-on at John Green Day 5

Cold OvertureCold Overture will be kicking up a storm on Saturday night at The Fifth Annual John Green Day.

New songs are being rehearsed, alongside old favourites, and the five-piece will be plugging in for an all-electric rip-roaring session.

Don't miss it.



Dylan merchandise at JGDay5


The world famous Dylan book store My Back Pages will be in attendance at the Convention with an extensive range of merchandise covering Bob Dylan publications both old and new.


For details of merchandise available from My Back Pages visit their website at (and click on Books on the left hand side).


As previously detailed (see below), various other Traders will be in attendance at the event and many rare Dylan items will be available for purchase.



Blowing your mind at the Bob Dylan Convention


If you are still pondering whether you should be going to The Fifth Annual John Green Day, the UK Dylan Convention, next weekend, let us convince you of the importance of the event by saying that if you are not there then you will miss the opportunity of seeing some rare footage of Dylan on the venue’s big screen.


These recently surfaced items are in addition to all the other features on the already packed agenda. Whatever the level of your Dylan interest, you can come along and pay at the door for a day of Dylan events that will be sure to blow your mind.


Andrew Muir and Razors Edge II

Andrew MuirThe popular and authoritative Dylan author Andrew Muir will be reading extracts from his forthcoming book Razors Edge II at the Convention.

Andrew’s talk will be illustrated by appropriate performance recordings and will conclude with a lively question and answer session, which will include questions that Andrew wishes to raise with the audience as well as those that are put to him!

As a special gesture for those attending John Green Day 5, anyone pre-ordering the book at the event will be guaranteed a signed and numbered copy of the book (numbered copies are limited to the first 100).

Speakers forum at Bob Dylan Convention

There'll be an opportunity for anyone in the audience to stand up and spend 6 minutes talking about Bob Dylan at the Convention. You'll be able to talk about his life, his songs, his writing, his acting - ANYTHING you wish.

It may be your favourite song, your favourite line, how you first came across Dylan, how he inspired you, what hacks you off with the bloke - ANYTHING.

Followed by a brief Questions & Answers session for each speaker.

Get in touch with Keith Agar if you want your name added to the forum list in advance, or for more information: e-mail Keith Agar or telephone him on 01572 722279.

Dylan impersonators competition

If you fancy the idea of getting up in front of the mike to give us your version of a Dylan song, e-mail Keith Agar or telephone him on 01572 722279.

The competition will take place on the evening of the Convention in front of a panel of respected judges and there will be a fabulous prize for the winner - as well as the subsequent fame and fortune!

C. P. Lee on Dat Ole Man Dylan

C.P. LeeC. P. Lee’s ‘performance’ at John Green Day 5 will explore the enduring influence of minstrel-show shamen in the music and performance of Bob Dylan. From Emmet Miller to Emmet Till, from Hibbing to The Savannah, songs and singers, people and punters, populate this progressive programme from the professor of Pop as he weaves together the strands of musical tapestry from early Americana to the present day.


Martin Scorsese on Dylan

Martin ScorseseThere'll be lots of talk at the Convention about Martin Scorsese's up-coming exclusive film biography of Bob Dylan, which will run this summer in the US as part of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) "American Masters" series. In fact there's already been lots of speculation about it's content - covering the period from his arrival in New York in 1961 to his near fatal motorbike accident in Woodstock in 1966. Dylan has now agreed to make an appearance in the film, and there's even footage from his childhood, from the road and from backstage on tour.

Columbia are issuing Bootleg Series Vol. 7 on the back of the biography. In fact some traders, including Badlands [website] are already taking orders for the CD(s) - and, if available, will have them at John Green Day 5.

Wouldn't it be terrific if the biography were screened in time for the Convention?

Traders a’plenty at the UK Dylan Convention

The Traders will be out in force at John Green Day 5. They will include Badlands [website] and Lazy Carrott [website].

All manner of Bob Dylan merchandise will be on offer and if you need any new or previously missed items to complete your Dylan collection, this is the place to find them.

Any trader wishing to book a table for the convention, e-mail Keith Agar or telephone him on 01572 722279.

Other hotels in the area, close to Hotel Elizabeth

There are only a small number of rooms left at Hotel Elizabeth for people wanting to stop over during the Bob Dylan Convention.

To get one of the last remaining rooms at the special discount rate of £35 per person, per night, for bed and full English breakfast, telephone the hotel direct on 01536 401348 and quote reference number "BobDylan2907".

For alternative accommodation close to Hotel Elizabeth, at a similar rate, see the list below [updated 17 June]:

Hunting Lodge Hotel, Cottingham
01536 771370

Friday: 40 rooms available.
Saturday: Wedding Party – no rooms at the moment but may be able to release approximately 10 in mid-July if they haven’t been taken up by the wedding guests by then.

Double room + B&B - £70
Single Room + B&B - £45

Kettering Premier Travel Inn
01536 310082

Friday and Saturday – approximately 20 rooms available for each night.

£46.95 for the room – no breakfast.
(Full English available at Hotel Elizabeth for £9.95 pp until 9.45am each morning).

The Castle Inn
01536 770641

Friday and Saturday – 4 single rooms left each night.
£39.95 each – no breakfast – see above for breakfast alternative.

Dylanesque to play at John Green Day 5 


The UK’s premier Dylan cover band Dylanesque will provide part of the evening’s entertainment at John Green Day 5. With their very own brand of Dylan inspired music, Dylanesque will rock at Rockingham until late in the evening.

For more information on "Dylanesque", including a gigs guide, go to their website.

Clinton Heylin at John Green Day 5

Clinton HeylinThe renowned and well respected Dylan author Clinton Heylin will be giving a talk at this year's UK Dylan Convention. The talk will centre on a particular period of Dylan’s career and will be illustrated with rare recordings and insights into what was happening at the time.

There will also be a question and answer session which, with Mr. Heylin being in the chair, is bound to be informative, authoritative and entertaining. Clinton always comes up with some surprises and this year will be no different. It will be a session not to be missed.




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