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1/2 screen


Not in pic


No pic !



3/4 screen


In pic 25 %


Out of focus

C= Center


Full length


in pic 50 %


Mostly blurred





In pic 75 %


Bit Blurry

1-9 10% angle




In pic 100%


Goes in and out





In pic moves


Soft Focus



Mid Chest


steady hand


Mostly In Focus





monopod steady


Near Perfect

D = Dark









Hello and welcome to the first Magnetic Movements on line. I hope that we can make this the definitive record of video recordings on Bob.  The basic principles remain the same as in the old Freewheelin'’ Magazine with the added bonus now of colour shots taken from each video. A further service is available on the Home Page. As an added feature to members we are making available the most comprehensive list of videos in circulation. Every known video is listed all graded with the DASHFI codes listed above. PLEASE NOTE we are NOT able to list the whereabouts of these films so please do not ask. But rest assured all are out there somewhere ! 

I have for this first issue duplicated a few films that were listed last time, in order to make stills from them available and as this has been a rather quiet month video wise!


 Image 1

Image 2 

D2 A7 S6 H6 F6  I BC3

11-07-99            BOGART’S , CINCINNATI                                                          93.00

Desolation Row @ / To Ramona @ / Tangled Up In Blue @ / Girl Of The North Country @ / Seeing The Real You At Last  / Lay, Lady, Lay / Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) / You Ain't Going Nowhere / Not Dark Yet / Highway 61 Revisited  //// Love Sick / Like A Rolling Stone / It Ain't Me, Babe @ / Not Fade Away / Blowin' In The Wind @ 

A Few older ones to start with though I’d pass on this, distant unsteady and not properly in focus hardly a joy to watch. The group sound rather “plonky” as well tonight verrrrrrry strange Rolling Stone

 Image 3

Image 4 

D3 A7 S8 H7 F6 I BL5

30-10-99            MILWAUKEE ARENA, MILWAUKEE                                         87.00

I Am The Man Thomas @ / The Times They Are A-Changin @ / Its Alright Ma @ / Tangled Up In Blue @ / All Along The Watchtower / Every Grain Of Sand / Silvio / Not Dark Yet / Highway 61 Revisited /// Love Sick / Like A Rolling Stone / Blowin In The Wind @ / Not Fade Away

A solid rather than outstanding show this, nice to hear an imaginative Silvio again. The video is a fair effort but nothing special some copies seem to be Camera transfers and these tend to be poorer resolution.

Image 5

Image 6

D6 A7 S8 H8 F7  I BR5 

18-11-99            AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS                                               121.00

Somebody Touched Me  @ / Mr. Tambourine Man @ / It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) @ / Boots Of Spanish Leather @ / Tangled Up In Blue @ / Man Of Peace / You're A Big Girl Now / All Along The Watchtower + Jorma Kaukonen / Highlands / Highway 61 Revisited + Jorma Kaukonen  //// Love Sick / Like A Rolling Stone / Friend Of The Devil  @ + P Lesh / Not Fade Away + Lesh, Haynes, Kaukonen / Alabama Getaway + Lesh, Haynes, Kaukonen / Blowin' In The Wind @ / Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35

This was one of  my favourite ‘99 shows What a set list. The taper is situated at the extreme right of the stage so Dylan is often in profile. I find this a very intimate angle and does a lot to aid the viewing of this show. Unfortunately this has been camera transferred and not very  well at that. Anyone got an NTSC copy I can see??

Image 7

Image 8

D6 A8 S8 H9 F7 I BC5

05-07-01            BRAUNSCHWEIG, GERMANY                                                114.00

I'm A Rovin' Gambler @ / Mama, You Been On My Mind @ / Ballad Of Hollis Brown@ / Tombstone Blues / Simple Twist Of Fate / I'll Be Your Baby Tonight / Masters Of War  @ / Boots Of Spanish Leather @ / A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall @ / To Be Alone With You / Where Teardrops Fall / The Wicked Messenger / Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (e)  //// Love Sick (s) / Like A Rolling Stone / If Dogs Run Free @ / All Along The Watchtower / Knockin' On Heaven's Door @ / Blowin In The Wind @

A nice show pretty well film ed that captures much of the effective lighting of the night. Dylans asset by this time has become a little workmanlike but this is still very much worth your attention.

Image 9

Image 10

D5 A8 S7 H8  F8 I BR5

12-07-01            KINGS DOCKS,  LIVERPOOL                                                    70.00

Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie @ / To Ramona @ / Desolation Row @ / Maggies Farm / Just Like A Woman / This Wheels On Fire / Visions Of Johanna @ / Fourth Time Around @ / Boots Of Spanish Leather @ / Stuck inside Of Mobile (s) / Positively Fourth Street

Mostly clear view shot almost from the side, The film suffers a bit from the apparently wobbly seating but otherwise this is a fine effort and worth a view.There are better films but this is certainly worth looking up too.

Image 11

Image 12

D6 A8 S8 H7 F8 I SL

13-07-01            STIRLING CASTLE, SCOTLAND                                              115.00

Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie  @ (i) / To Ramona @ / Mr Tambourine Man @ (i) / Tell Me That It Isn’t True (s) / Just Like A Woman / Gotta Serve Somebody / I Shall Be Released  @ / Visions Of Johanna @ / Don’t Think Twice, Its Alright (e) / Stuck Inside Of Mobile (i) / Not Dark Yet / Rainy Day Women /// Things Have Changed / Like A Rolling Stone ./ Girl Of The North Country @ / All Along The Watchtower / Knockin On Heavens Door @ / Highway 61 Revisited / Blowin In The Wind @ / Cats In The Well

 This was a good concert and its nice to see a slightly more watchable film, It suffers from the usual “outdoors syndrome” eg: more heads, more wobbly etc but it is clear enough most of the time to keep your attention And that “Serve Somebody” WOW

Image 13

Image 14

D3-6  A7 F8 H8 S8  I BL5

17-07-01            MARKPLATZ, LOERRACH, GERMANY                                       92.00

Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie / Mr. Tambourine Man @ / Desolation Row@ / 'Til I Fell In Love With You / I Want You / Watching The River Flow / It Ain't Me, Babe@ / Ballad Of Hollis Brown@ / Don't Think Twice, It's All Right @(s)  / Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) / Cold Irons Bound (s) / Love Sick / One Too Many Mornings @ / Forever Young(s) @ / Highway 61 Revisited / Blowin' In The Wind @ (s)

Image 15

Image 16

D3 A8 F8 H7 S8  I SRB5

07-10-01            CORVALLIS, OREGON                                                                 42.00

Waiting For The Light @ / My Back Pages @ / Desolation Row (i) @ / Searching For A Soldier @ / Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee (i) / Its All Over Now Baby Blue @ / Don’t Think Twice @ / Watching The River Flow / Sugar Baby / Cold Irons Bound

Here we have the first visual documents of the new songs. The first film was shot in wide angle and has been converted which makes the picture a little “stretched”  but “Sugar Baby” is worth finding alone. One of those knee trembler sightings for this Bob Watcher.

Image 17

Image 18

D3 A8 S8 H8 F8 IBC3

09-10-01            MEDFORD, OREGON                                                                 113.00

Waiting For The Light @ / Mr Tambourine Man @ / Its Alright Ma @ / Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee (s) / I Threw It All Away / Summer Days / Mississippi / Masters Of War @ / Girl Of The North Country @ / Visions Of Johanna @ / Tombstone Blues / Sugar Baby / Wicked Messenger / Leopardskin Pillbox Hat (i) /// Love Sick (s) / Like A Rolling Stone / I Shall Be Released @ / Honest With Me / Blowin In The Wind @

 Not as close as the &th this is a more watchable fim being almost straight on. Dylan dressed in white looking just like a ghost. A nice film that shows some of the new songs off well. The gig itself is not one of my favourites from this leg but hey,you got Mississippi sow hat more you want?

Image 19

Image 20

27-02-02            44th GRAMMY AWARDS                                                                  8.00

Cry A While

Bob may not geta Grammy but he does put in the coolest performance of the evening with this  one. The lighting is very atmospheric and Bob is at his most enigmatic here. Wonderful stuff to see and thankfully  widely available on various TV broadcasts, if you missed it then shame on you. Get to view it as soon as you are able.

That’s all for this month plenty of new things to watch but please don’t be afraid to tell me of any that I have missed. It would be nice to make these listing complete and that of course is only possible with your help.


Till Next Time