A. Mackem in Washington says...

Uncut covers and cover versions give rise to debate in the watering holes of the great unwashed

by David Brazier


It has been a slow month in the state of Washington….

As Bob started his summer holidays with a jaunt through Scandinavia, our TV screens were filled with images of the death of the Queen Mum (God Bless Her!!).

So what does the death of one over privileged have to do His Bobness?

Nothing, I am glad to say!! We have MUCH weightier titbits to occupy our minds (that’s if titbits have weight!!)

I write this only a couple of days before the north east contingent jollies off to the Newcastle Arena to see Bob, so no chance for hindsight and 20/20 vision, just an unexpurgated blast of hyperbole and quick thoughts.

Whilst the world pontificates upon these morsels, and other items, we in Bob land girded our loins in expectation of getting a gig to see in the forthcoming weeks. And at least now it looks like (and didn’t I say this last time around?) we DO have something to talk about. The resuscitation of “Hummingbird” to start the sets, and “Solid Rock” and “Man of Constant Sorrow” popping up in the main body of the set. Oh, be still my beating heart!! First night gave us:

5th April 2002 Stockholm

1. Hummingbird
2. The Times They Are A-Changing
3. It's alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
4. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
5. Man Of Constant Sorrow
6. Lay, Lady Lay
7. Solid Rock
8. Positively Fourth Street
9. Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum
10. Make You Feel My Love
11. Maggie's Farm
12. Summer Days
13. Sugar Baby
14. Drifter's Escape
15. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
16. Things Have Changed
17. Like A Rolling Stone
18, Forever Young
19. Honest With Me
20. Blowing In The Wind

Now, Man of Constant Sorrow is an interesting choice, first time played since – 17th October, 1990 in New York City (so my swift check of the web tells me!! “”).

And Solid Rock? 21st November 1981, Lakeland, FL.

See? This Internet thingy can be damn useful at times!!

I don’t want to harp on too much about how technology is value free as I said last time. Though it did lead to an interesting discussion with a work colleague who could not quite get her head around the concept... But whereas the knowledge that Bob has, if not shaken his set list up, at least employed some stimulation to it, is very interesting. What I find even more interesting, is the dissemination of knowledge and detail that the Internet affords us.

From Carl Eric’s wonderful Dylan page (“”), are links giving us the impressions of a few individuals who attended the first show (and subsequent shows), and then there are replies to those comments, from all around the world, either asking for more detail, or thanking the posters for their input.

The set lists have thrown up the odd rare morsel, “Not Fade Away”, “Country Pie” pops back, as does “If Dogs Run Free”, “Every Grain of Sand” gets a dust off, along with “In The Garden”. Nothing earth shattering, but still interesting.

And talking about the dissemination of knowledge...

Bob adorns the front (and a massive amount inside) of the latest issue of Uncut magazine (TAKE 61, June 2002): going for the two different covers, with two different cover-version CD’s approach in a bid to promote it’s love of Dylan (or increase sales...).

There are people who will be gnashing their teeth at the thought of this correspondent now getting his hands on TWO more CD’s of cover versions, having partaken of the Dalbeattie experience (soon to become the Kircudbright Klambash?) in earlier times, where the highlight of the quiz has always been the cover version rounds…

The magazine attempts to give us the top 40 Dylan songs of all time, having canvassed the opinions of a shed load of pop and rock celebrities, From Damon Albarn to Pete Yorn via Billy Bragg, Kris Kristofferson, Michael Gray and about 50 odd others. I won’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment by saying which song gets voted number one, but can you really respect such a list that fails to put “Death is not the End” into the list at ALL?

But it is still worth reading...

So, be careful out there... Hope you enjoyed your show(s) if and when you got there.