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Freewheelin-On-Line 2

Hello and welcome back. Thank you to those who have supplied the films and or the information regarding them, it is most encouraging, please keep them coming. That may appear a rather unnecessary request though when I mention that I have had so many new films in this month that I have been obliged to carry some over for the next time. The arrival in force of Video CD’s is making things circulate generally faster and in better quality. It is also making multi-region collecting a much more easier thing too. I find that I am now getting NTSC vcds also, however, for technical reasons it may on occasions only be possible to produce pictures for such discs in Black & White. If I have to do so I will tell you each time. (Then again when was the last time you saw a new Dylan Black & White audience film?

But enough small talk. Lets get on with the show, I am pleased to say that the tapers were out in force and that there are quite a few films from the recent shows.

 Magnetic Monements

Magnetic Monements 

D5 A8 S7 H8 F7 I BC3 (No 0012)
24-05-00 DRESDEN, GERMANY 45.00

Song To Woody @(f) / Masters Of War (i)@ / To Ramona @ (i) / Can't Wait (i) / Drifter's Escape (f) / Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (f) /// Ballad Of A Thin Man (i) / It Ain't Me, Babe @ (i) / Maggie's Farm / (i) Forever Young @ (i) / Highway 61 Revisited (i) / Blowin' In The Wind @ (i)

As a snapshot of the show I think this works very well. It could be better focused in places but it grabs the atmosphere very well. Love the way the taper starts his film part of “Maggies” with a womans hand holding a cigarette then pans to the stage. Lots of nice touches. If you get the chance have a look see.


 Magnetic Monements

Magnetic Monements

D5 A8 S7 H8 F7 I BC3 (No 0011)
01-02-02 SUNRISE, FLORIDA 131.00

I Am The Man, Thomas @ / To Ramona @ / It's Alright, Ma @ / Searching For A Soldier's Grave @ / Gotta Serve Somebody / Tell Me That It Isn't True / High Water (For Charley Patton) / Lonesome Day Blues / It Ain't Me, Babe @ / John Brown @ / Tangled Up In Blue @ / Summer Days  / Sugar Baby / The Wicked Messenger  / Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35 //// Things Have Changed / Like A Rolling Stone / Knockin' On Heaven's Door / Honest With Me / Blowin' In The Wind

Not an easy film to judge this. Two different tapers have edited their film together with some very good cross fades and links. It makes for an interesting film. But, it could be  a lot closer, it has also been transferred to UK format and probably has lost some sharpness in the transfer. But you do get a very healthy portion of Love & Theft songs here.

Magnetic Monements

Magnetic Monements

D9 A9 S8 H9 F9 I BC6 (No 0001)
04-05-02 The Dome, BRIGHTON 37.00

I Am The Man Thomas @ / If Not For You @ / Its Alright Ma @ / To Ramona @ / Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum / Can’t Wait / Subterranean Homesick Blues 

What a shame this marvellous film was cut short by the unusually zealous security this year. This can only be described as a superb film. Dylan in terrifying close up, revealing his age rather more than is comfortable I am afraid. It was a fine start to the UK tour. Particularly well captured is Tweedle and Can’t Wait. I do wish the guy could have kept going to “Sugar Baby” though. Certainly one to get, this film, and all the others from this taper have greatly improved sound quality due, I am told to the introduction of improved audio recording equipment.

Magnetic Monements

Magnetic Monements  

D8 A9 S7 H7 F8 I BR7 (No 0002)

05-05-02 B.I.C. BOURNEMOUTH 89.00

Wait For The Light To Shine @ / If Not For You @ / Desolation Row (3) @ / Mama You Bin On My Mind @ / Absolutely Sweet Marie / Floater / Subterranean Homesick Blues / Cry A While / Boots Of Spanish Leather @ / A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall @ / Don’t Think Twice @ / Summer Days / Not Dark Yet / Drifters Escape / Leopardskin Pillbox Hat

Same filmer as above so again the sound is very good, though here you can tell the taper is much further back. At the start things are pretty disastrous but they do improve and it gets quite watchable. A very different show from Brighton, and a very different film. I am only reporting what I am told but I understand that the reason the encores are missing is that the taper was searched by security on leaving as a member of the audience had reported him!!! I find this almost impossible to imagine. God these guys have enough trouble dodging security now they gotta watch us as well? Do we really want to see these films stop? Isn’t Dylan actually worth documenting this way? This reviewer certainly thinks he is and I hope you do to. Without these people we would not get to see such wonderful performances as “boots” here (quite breathtaking) and the emotive ending to Hard Rain, Dylans vocal mike starts playing up and suddenly is dead but the crowd finish the song off, much to Dylan’s obvious delight. An now mine.

 Magnetic Movements

Magnetic Movements 

D9 A9 S9 H8 F8 I BL5 (no 0003)

Hummingbird @ / Times They Are A-Changin @ / Its Alright Ma @ / Its All Over Now, Baby Blue@ / Positively Fourth Street / Lonesome Day Blues /  Stuck Inside Of Mobile / Masters Of War @ / Visions Of Johanna @ / Tangled Up In Blue @ / Moonlight / Summer Days / The Wicked Messenger / Rainy Day Women //// Things Have Changed / Like A Rolling Stone / Knockin On Heavens Door @ / Honest With Me / Blowin In The Wind @ / All Along The Watchtower

At first this looks like a full set, but isn’t quite, its still strangely missing Solid Rock. But that is a minor quibble. After the first few tracks of confusion. I mean why is it that half the crowd don’t get to their seats until about the third song every night? But after that we get a very very nice film indeed.  The taper is near the left of the stage and at times when Dylan moves to the back of the stage you get cables in the way. But when he moves forward the taper zooms right in and at times this is terrifyingly close stuff. Indeed I would go so far to say that at times (Honest With Me springs to mind) This film is SO close I cannot see how it could ever get closer. During the aforementioned track getting closer would mean either cutting Bob’s eyes or his mouth out of the picture !!! It is THAT close! Of course this does give me ample  chance to study  the lines of his face. ..

 Magnetic Movements

Magnetic Movements

D6 A9 S7 H8 F8 I BR3 (No 0004)
08-05-02 ARENA NEWCASTLE 141.00

Wait For The Light @ / Song To Woody@ / Its Alright Ma @ / Love Minus Zero/No Limit@ / Solid Rock / Just Like A Woman / Subterranean Homesick Blues / Cry A While / Mr Tambourine Man @ / Hard Rain @ / Tangled Up In Blue (e) @ / Standing In The Doorway (s) / Summer Days / Cold Irons Bound / Leopard-skin Pillbox Hat  //// Love Sick / Like A Rolling Stone / If Dogs Run Free @ / Honest With Me / Blowin In The Wind @ / Highway 61 Revisited.

This was one of the more interesting setlists I though, and certainly the strangest show. The lighting was well down and the security way up and all these have taken their toll here. This is not as close as the previous films from this taper, zooming makes up a lot for this but results in a slightly grainy picture, made more so by the almost absence of stage lighting. There is also a bit more ducking here though this does not surprise me. Security seemed to be  swarming about everywhere. Having said all that this is the complete show!  The film quite watchable with a nice angle on Bob most of the time. He does seem to settle in and  enjoy it after a while but what were they doing ?? Certainly worth a look.

Magnetic Movements

Magnetic Movements

D8 A9 S7 H7 F9 I BR3 (No 0005)

Maggies Farm @ (s) / Senor @ / Its Alright Ma @ (e) / One Too Many Mornings @ (s) /  Stuck Inside Of Mobile (e) / Moonlight (s) / I Don’t Believe You / Lonesome Day Blues / Masters Of War @ (b) / Visions Of Johanna @ / Don’t Think Twice @ / Blind Willie McTell / Summer Days / Drifters Escape (e) / Rainy Day Women (s) //// Things Have Changed / Like A Rolling Stone / Forever Young @ / Honest With Me / Blowin In The Wind @ / All Along The Watchtower.

I can feel the tapers frustration in the opening tracks as again he struggles to see past the ocean of people who are looking for their seats during the opening songs. Easy to tell why when you look what they are. A much better film than Newcastle our man is back on form for much of this and some tracks are quite striking, great Blowin In The Wind for example. Security was slightly cooler tonight. Certainly worth getting to see, and hear, as again the sound, for a video is terrific.

Magnetic Movements

Magnetic Movements  

D8 A9 S7 H7 F8 I BR7  (focus on 1-11 is  F6) (No 0006)
10-05-02 N.E.C. BIRMINGHAM 119.00

Maggies Farm @ / You’re a Big Girl Now  @ / Its Alright Ma @ / Tomorrow Is A Long Time@ / Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues / Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum / Moonlight / Cry A While / Fourth Time Around@ / Masters Of War @ / Tangled Up In Blue @ / Summer Days / Sugar Baby / The Wicked Messenger / Rainy Day Women /// Love Sick / Like A Rolling Stone / Forever Young @ / Honest With  Me / Blowin In The Wind @

Now this just has to be the set list of the tour. I also think it was one of the best shows. Bob seems to be at ease here at least. An this is a mostly clear view that is pretty close. But yes, there is  a problem. The first 11 tracks are not quite in focus. The taper must have had something out of place on his camera s after a tape change the problem is cured. Thankfully that means we get a  nice “Sugar Baby” but we lose “Big Girl” and that exquisite “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”  Hopefully a better film will emerge, but until it does this is worthy of your attention. Sound once again is excellent.

Till Next Time