You know, when I was a young man (good starter for a song?) I recall my mother often telling me that when I got older that time would go by much faster. I used to sit in our kitchen and moan that I was bored, whilst she struggled with some large ball of dough or pastry. My mother was not a fancy cook, but what she knew she knew well. I came from a large family and her role was to keep us fed. I can recall the easy pace of life then. I seemed to always have time to do whatever I wanted and still have time to spare. The worrying signs of my later obsession where showing. I was 12-14 and reading lots of Marvel and DC comics. I used to walk miles in search of a particular comic. I can remember when Marvel issued “The Origin Of Doctor Doom” and being shown a copy by a school friend who told me where he got it from, that I then walked the 5 miles just to get one. Ah, but I was so much…. Then.

I had a lot of comics and whilst I did look after them I did not see any great significance. I later gave most of them to a friend, John Heeks, who tragically died in his twenties. It may well be that, that was why I started hanging onto things. The First Issue of The Fantastic Four is now worth over £1,000 and I gave the first 40 issues away!!

But at least life went at a speed I could maintain. Somehow, for me greater technology does not mean more free time but less. We seem to be involved in so many projects that I never seem to have an evening anymore that involves just sitting down. Did I ever I sometimes ask myself?

You see for various reasons I have found myself tidying and assessing all this memorabilia (OK junk as well) that seems to be all over Cooper Mansions. Hell I may even get around to disposing of some of it! I have started by regulating old formats to infinity. For me that means cassettes, books, LP’s and videos. Well I am pleased to say that the cassettes are sorted away and tidy. Makes plenty of room. The cds / cdrs are already straight so I am going between LP’s and videos at present.

Dizzy and I have cut the vinyl down to about 500 essential things. I know, I know, it should be less than that but believe me we have tried. It is mostly, free jazz, Yardbirds and related stuff, Dylan things and a few oddities like Sandy Denny and Jefferson Airplane.. But by far and away the biggest surprise has been Ian Hunter. Who? You are probably saying.. Ian Hunter was the lead singer and main song composer for Mott The Hoople. He looked and tried to sound very Dylanish in his early days. I don’t think he succeed that well but now I find myself really enjoy these old albums. Of course they cannot be played often. My Thorens turntable is now getting pretty old and styli are very hard to locate. So, I have decided to transfer the playing stuff to cdr. Good idea he? Oh No, not the whole 500. The Dylan and Yardbirds tuff is just here as I keep this stuff, only the other things. Why it can’t be more than 300 albums! See what I mean about time and technology.

An hey I have not Touched the videos yet, not even all those Tom Waits things that belong to the Kidda. Not to mention the books?

Did I mention the books?

I am not talking about Dylan here. They of course have all be dutifully read and filed away. No I am talking about the mountains of Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature. An all the piles of books on music other than Bob, you know, Miles Davis, John Coltrane blah blah blah. Naturally a lot of these are waiting to be read so I have to get around to allocating more time to reading. (Manage a book or two a fortnight these days, it used to be a lot more) So I sit here Copying the album to cdr, reading a book and tying FW stuff pretty much all together, then I wonder why the time is no longer my own.

I need to prioritise things more I guess. I just don’t have the time!

Extra Note

Whilst stumbling through the jazz stuff on the internet I came across a jazz album called “Jewels And Binoculars” by a Micheal Moore in Germany. I find mself playing this album a lot as it really is a true jazz first. The guy improvises beautifully around the phonetics of

I Pity the Poor Immigrant
Fourth Time Around
Visions Of Johanna
Dark Eyes
Two Soldiers
Highway 61 Revisited
With God On Our Side
Dear Landlord
Sign On The Window
Percy's Song
Boots Of Spanish Leather.

Michael sells it for £15 but I have bought a few to sell at Northampton. Any FWler that wants one now can send a cheque for £12.50 plus £1 postage and packing to me. I only have a few!

Jewels and Binoculars