LIVE 1975


Last month I rushed off some hasty words about lack of response from fellow FWleers and my initial disappointment in the “LIVE 1975” set. It is nice to be able to say that I have now been proven wrong on both counts..

First we had our usual gathering in Cambridge at the end of November. The usual crowd of familiar faces. This time Mark Carter was there, he does come along sometimes but not always. He had a HUGE parcel of FW goodies which we will doubtless get to see in this issue. He did tell me that he had responded to my last piece also, which is a nice surprise. I guess I could have asked John to see it but I wanted things to stay the same as they always are. Like the rest of you I never see anything ahead of release date, as it should be. I did not want to tip the balance so I am waiting to read what Mark said. Whatever it was Mark, thanks for taking the time to consider what I said. That would be enough good news for me in this month. The other bit I can expand a lot further on though.

I have spent the last few weeks playing the LIVE 1975 set over and over the car as I travel about, so I have now heard it quite a number of times and to my ears it gets better on every listening. The sound mix is really great with wonderful instrument separation that enables me to hear so much more than I have in any of the many tapes we have from these marvellous shows.

There is often interesting guitar interplay going on both within the instrumental breaks and whilst Bob is singing. Somehow the recordings of many of the tracks make the venues sound much more intimate than I thought they were. It would even appear that the audience were miked by the number of comments that are coming across from the crowd. I might be cynical enough to suggest that they could have been mixed in after the event if it wasn’t for the fact that Dylan sometimes actually responds back to them. It all makes for a great listening experience. My main grumble about losing the first and last tracks are still valid I think, especially the closer as you can clearly hear the start of “This Land” at the end as the sound fades out.

But I now see those as minor gripes compared to what we do get. It has got me replaying some of the bootlegs, always a sign that things must be well. I must say that this amount of involvement I ad not noticed before so I am currently comparing and locating the various tracks, after all if the dates and information are correct there is nothing on this set they we did not already have in various quality.

I hope to report further next month. This would have been a lot longer but once again I have had major PC problems and been without a functioning machine for most of the past two weeks. It goes to show the amount of usage I give the ol’ gal when I got on line again.

I went to outlook express to download my emails; the message appeared “downloading 3 of 1142 messages” OUCH just got through them all.

The bad news on this front though was that several important files were lost or corrupted and whilst I can fix some, some are simply too involved. It will be simpler just to start again. SO if you normally email me can you please do so again as I have lost my address book!

Just one of many tribulations you know! Looks like JG3 is going to become a reality again and FW-On-Line is functioning quite well so I guess it noses to the grindstone for another year.

That brings me back to the start doesn’t it?

Well you know I must say that after my chat with Mark I am inclined to agree with what he suggested in person (not sure if its what’s to come in print) that I do need to reduce some activities, and that maybe my reflection is not un-related to my own retirement which is now beginning to look closer than ever. (A couple more years!)

But enough of these matters for now.

This is the last issue you will see before Christmas so let me just say that I hope you all have a merry Christmas and watch the post, you never know what might be coming your way.


There will be no Magnetic Movements this month. There are a few things in but without the PC I have not been able to get the information sorted and the pics takes as I usually do so more next month. One thing I will mention is the proliferation of DVD’s of Bob, well DVR’s if we want to get technical. They seem to be arriving with some regularity now and I think this will herald a big increase in quality just as CDR’s did for audio. It should mean an end to generation drops and conversion problems for a start.

The process still has many weak links. After all a poor tape can still be transferred to DVR. However where as VCD’s could be copied at just about any degree of bit rate (quality) the variation in the validity of these was legion. In order to play on a DVR the file has to be of a minimum quality and this is higher than the better VCD’s so I think we may finally be seeing the thing reach its conclusion.

I hope so anyway as soon I will have things on so many formats I will need a database just to tell me what to play something on!


Bob Dylan Live 1975