Dylan cartoon

Let me just start with the PC update. Or rather the video update. No MM this month, for the simple reason that there are now new films this month. I could prattle on about greater quality old stuff that DVR’s seem to be producing but really it is nothing new, material wise.

My own exploits with DVR are showing some results now. I find the machinery very temperamental and at times it simply refuses to work consistently. This can waste a lot of hours if you have just spent an evening compiling a disk that then refuses to be finalized. But I guess that’s my cross, after all no one has asked me to do this. I just happen to believe that we owe it to future times to preserve this stuff in as pristine shape as possible. Pity I can’t get a grant though…

No great news on touring this year yet also. Like most I have yet to hear a full show from the Oz tour. I have snatched a few tracks from the internet as mp3’s out of morbid curiosity which I have to say sound no different to the shows we saw really. Obviously it would be unfair to judge tours on the evidence of mere 3 or 4 songs in mp3 format. The only real surprise to me is that the absence of Charlie Sexton does not seem to be showing an appreciable difference in the group sound, which I think is odd if true. I personally had convinced myself that Charlie was a very necessary part of the band. Time will tell.

What is pretty easy to see though is that the sets have gotten shorter and the set lists a lot less adventurous. Overall I therefore am finding it difficult to get overexcited about these shows. We will soon see, after I have heard a few I may well start shouting “best tour ever” you never know. The cancellation of a lot of shows makes me also wonder if either Bob is not well, not interested or not selling tickets. This is more to dream on really. From my own person point of view I think he would certainly benefit from a break from touring. If only for a year or so!

Where that would leave my Fw contributions is another matter of course, but I think it would do him a lot of good. There is no need to tour unless he has something to say, and in concert that is starting to seem less and less the case to me. Though I will be happy to be proven wrong on that count.

John Green day rapidly approaches and right now I feel a certain sympathy for JRS as he beavers away at this, sometimes I wish I could do more, sometimes I wish I could do less..

One area that I would think we could help with is the free distribution of this live stuff, something Greeny was always doing. I am aware of an internet based group called “Dylantree” that organise brief trees from discs that they have had donated to them. I have actually offered to give them some shows but they seem rather over subscribed right now so I am wondering if we could offer a free service like these ourselves. I am happy to supply the discs required. What I would need are two groups of people.

1] Leafs. These are people who simply get the recordings from a source by supplying their own blank discs and the return postage.

2] Branches: These are people who supply the discs to leafs. They would need to have cd burners and be prepared to make 4-5 copies of discs. The leafs would send their blanks to these people.

3] Administrator: this would be the person(s) to whom I would send the discs. They would make the copies for the branches.

I write this with the public mag in mind. If you want to help email me my address on the website, and let me know what you are happy to do. If the response is good I will try again. It’s in all your hands now.

Having undoubtedly confused everyone I will leave you to your own devices and hope that you all have better month than I have had, but that’s another story.

Till Next Time