by J. R. Stokes


‘If everyone enjoyed this weekend's event as much as Max and I did then count it as a tremendous success. Thanks for all the hard work you and the Freewheelers put in. Much appreciated.’
Karen McDonough

‘Another really great day you guys put on. Really enjoyed meeting old friends.
Roy Edgar 

‘Just thought I would let you know what a great time my partner and I had at the event. This was our first year and I was completely overwhelmed by the occasion.’
Geoff Davis



These are just a sample of the many comments that we received following the Third Annual John Green Day which, by all accounts, was again a major success. This was not however down to just a few individuals but to a whole host of people who joined in and lifted the lid off the Moat House Hotel. So this is my personal thank you to all of you. 

Starting at the very beginning: 

To Richard and Paula: without you Reception would be like a song without words, a nest without birds.
To all the Traders for sharing your wares with us: John D, Dr. Colin, Steve and Tim; Gil and the two Daves, Nick and Adrian, Phil and Ali, Gary H and the lady from the Felix Empire.
To Andrew Muir for your presence, your eloquence and for Troubadour.
To Ged for your questions and your Big Brother Brogue.
To C.P. for just being C.P. and to Pam who should stand for Parliament, become Prime Minister and sort out the mess we are in.
To Derek Barker and Jeff Stevens for being there when we weren’t. Sorry guys, one day it will happen. And to
Clinton for his inside information.
To Marilyn and Pat for selling all those pretty raffle tickets. And to Brenda for your watchful eye and your laughter.
To the wonderful Dylanesque for your professionalism and your rhythm.
To Cold Overture and Yan for making me sweat, making me laugh and for that very, very pleasant green smoky haze.
To Carolyn Hester for your history, your songs and for giving Bob a helping hand.
To Raymond for springtime, for Hitler and for Germany.
To Al, for giving everything back that was never owed with your very fine words.
To my partners in crime: Chris and Keith. Without your company the day would have been like a plane without wings, a violin with no strings. ...and not forgetting John Nye.

And of course to the memory of the man who brought us altogether, the eternal John Green.

Thank you from JRS