Two Riders Approaching

A Fistful of Tapes

by The Two Riders

No concert reviews this time around (but a big pile waiting to be done). Tight deadlines, limited time-frames and an intervening holiday mean that itís a minor contribution this time. 

Just back from a holiday in Denmark and Sweden.  Amazing place, Denmark. To get around the country you have to use a couple of enormous bridges/tunnels.  Itís an experience but the total one-way cost of these is around £50!! And then you have to go back across them to get back to Malmo. Lovely people, varied scenery, quite expensive and, of course, we went to Helsingor and Hamletís castle. Ghosts of the old days, Dylanís and others. 

Picked up the Neil Young re-issues in Goteberg Ė itís great to hear On The Beach in capital sound. Itís funny but Iíve been waiting for this re-issue for ever yet I could have played it at any time as I have it on vinyl. However, I simply donít play vinyl anymore. I know that sounds mad but itís true. I have replaced virtually all of my  vinyl albums with CD anyway and it is so much easier to handle CD. Does anyone else suffer like this?  Also managed to pick up a couple of Rhassan Roland Kirk CDs for next to nothing. 

On returning to Blighty, there were new releases by The Coral (excellent) and the Kings Of Leon waiting Ė still adjusting to that one. Masked and Anonymous has also arrived as a nice double-CD package, the second CD being a tasty sampler of the Dylan re-issue series (vinyl as CD!). Have not listened to it yet but look forward to it. 

Holiday reading was the Nightís Dawn trilogy, volume 2 called The Neutronium Alchemist by Peter F. Hamilton. These are very well plotted stories, boldly imaginative, with the sweep of galaxies and also very intelligent. British, too. The best British SF author since the truly great John Brunner. Read them. 

Restless Farewell for now.