The Whole Wide World is watching

The best of the web
(with thanks to Expecting Rain)

by Martin Stein


With the European Tour well under way and the UK dates fast approaching, hereís last month revisited. 

1. Here Comes The (continued) Story Of The Hurricane - Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter has received an honorary doctorate in law at a Brisbane university. Griffith University was honouring the man once sentenced to life for murder for his work on helping to overturn wrongful convictions. 

2. I Was Young When I Left Home Ė Images relating to Dylanís early years in Minnesota can be found at 

3. I Replay The Past ĖDylanís remastered hybrid SACDs are selling well, shifting close to 60,000 copies since their release in early October. 3,000 copies of the boxed-set containing all fifteen discs also have been sold. 

4. Your Magazine Husband Ė rolling Stone magazine has been celebrating Decades of Dylan by publishing interviews and cover stories from 1969, 1974, 1978, 1984 and 2001. In addition to a photo gallery you can also discuss Rockís Greatest Songwriter on their message board.

5. Young But Daily Growing Ė A review of the book Young Bob: John Cohenís Early Photographs of Bob Dylan, can be found at 

6. Political World Ė This Post-Iraq War world allows Mike Marqusee to highlight his book Chimes of Freedom: The Politics of Bob Dylanís Art in a short article covering the impact of Dylanís songs written between January 1962 and November 1963.,11710,1070831,00.htm 

7. Alias - An 1853 photograph of labourers working on the Crystal Palace reveals a surprising Bob look-a-like!  And I thought this kind of stuff died out with the JWH album cover! 

8. House Of The Rising Sun - Mojo readers have voted Dylanís appearance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival as the second most important rock music event, behind Elvis Presley recording his debut single at Sun Records in 1954.

9. God Said To Abraham - In the first of a four-part series posted on, Dylan writer Scott Marshall looks at Bobís spiritual journey during the 1960s.