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by Martin Stein


Even after all these years he’s still the one to surprise us.  Who ever would have guessed at the reason for his trip to Venice?! Sorry I can’t be there with you all at JG4; someone else will have to croon Let It Be Me at 4:00 AM!  Maybe someday we’ll meet again somehow. 

I played my guitar...

1. I Played My Guitar Through The Night To The Day – The previously unaccredited Minneapolis musicians who contributed to Blood On The Tracks have performed their songs to mark the forthcoming book ‘A Simple Twist Of Fate: Bob Dylan and the Making of Blood on the Tracks’. Performer and co-author Kevin Odegard is pictured with other worthy originals Chris Weber and Gregg Inhofer. An excellent article on this milestone album can be found at
jsp?story=497167 and you can discover more about the musicians at or

2. And The Only Tune My Guitar Could Play - Live 1964: Concert at Philharmonic Hall -- The Bootleg Series Volume 6, will finally be released on 30th March. Live 1964 comes in a brilliant box with a hardcover slipcase and a 52-page booklet with rare and previously unpublished photos by Daniel Kramer, Hank Parker and Sandy Speiser. The booklet includes a new essay by Sean Wilentz, the Princeton University-based historian and writer who attended the Halloween 1964 concert at age 13 (see Notes for Live 1964 A commemorative poster is also available from the official website.Bob Dylan LIVE 1964

3. Hero’s Blouse – Proof that Bob reads Freewheelin’? Perhaps recent articles drawing heavily on draws have inspired our hero to appear in a commercial for Victoria’s Secret Stores – makers of lingerie. CEO Grace Nicholls announced that the ads would feature a song and a guest appearance by Bob. “We asked him to be in the commercials and he said yes, he would gladly go off to Venice with the supermodels”.

4. Memory, Ecstasy, Tyranny, Hypocrisy – Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has revealed his liking for Dylan’s second album – anti-war songs and all! Read it and weep at,13319,1154294,00

5. Disc-usted - Sony Music are to release the recent SACD Remastered albums at the end of March on CD price £8:99. Now they tell us!

6. Ghosts of Electricity - Bob Dylan - Unplugged will be released on DVD on 29th March price £13.99.