Two Riders Approaching

A Fistful of Tapes

by The Two Riders

Phew! Nearly didnít make it this month. Well I hope that you are reading this otherwise we really didnít make it. It seems to get worse. So little time so much to do. Donít fear the reaper. Itís not yet time. But time has told me that I wonít know when it is time so seize the time you have. And get that bloody article done. 

Thought weíd take the opportunity to catch up on a batch of shows to round off last yearís touring activity. 

Helsinki                       9th October 2003

Nice sound, sharp start, gets meaner through Cry Awhile and unfolds into that lovely melodic arrangement of Boots of Spanish Leather. Make You Feel My Love is powerful and an unusually good Every Grain Of Sand features a long and lingering piano solo. 

Stockholm                   11th October 2003

Marred by a poorish sound, it is still possible to appreciate the great vocal on To Be Alone With You and the excellent Things Have Changed

Karlstad                      12th October 2003

Another great vocal effort on To Be Alone With You followed by a very lovely Baby Blue. Desolation Row is simply excellent, resonating with the power of the old days and the wisdom of the now. Listen out too for an extremely light and airy Moonlight

Oslo                            13th October 2003

Great sound and another great start with To Be Alone With You. Weíll have to watch it Ė this opening is really catching on. Nice to hear the piano-laden Tom Thumbís Blues and in particular the well played Shooting Star. Here the theory of less-is-more would really work with this song. Dylan tends to overdue it a bit on stage. 

Goteburg                    15th October 2003

Another dollop of a mighty good show in mighty good sound.  Dylan switches mood at will tonight as he runs through the consecutive batch of Boots (light, delicate, fragile), Cry Awhile (very moody), Tom Thumb(rhythmic, infectious), Itís Alright Ma (impassioned) and To Ramona (glorious). If that wasnít enough he also throws in a splendid Queen Jane

Copenhagen               16th October 2003

Pity to spoil the run but the sound here is no better than average. However hidden in there is nothing short of a storming Itís Alright Ma. Unfortunately deflation sets in straight away as we are served up a version of My Back Pages which replaces the uncertain cadences of the original with a dull, plodding rendition.

Hamburg                     17th October 2003

Another mixed blessing tonight. Certainly it is worth hearing Itís Alright Ma (once again) and a terrifically atmospheric Cold Irons Bound. Also a superb stab at Man In The Long Black CoatUnfortunately the anticipated treat of Dignity is not followed through Ė too discordant.

Hamburg                     18th October 2003

Strange to relate but Maggieís Farm really works well in the opening position as it rocks like mad. Nothing too dramatic about the rest of the show apart from perhaps the ever-reliable Itís Alright Ma, Things Have Changed and Boots. 

Berlin                          20th October 2003

Some nice tunes tonight. Starts off well with the vibrant piano of To Be Alone With You. Then later ups the ante as he pulls out the stops on Desolation Row immediately followed by a superb Itís Alright Ma. Tonight even Most LikelyÖ works well as does the anthem Every Grain of Sand. 

Leipzig                        22nd October 2003

Takes a while to warm up tonight but by song four which is Tom Thumbís Blues, he is hitting mid-season form. Things really do come alight with Things Have Changed and Highway 61. 

Prague                        23rd October 2003

All round OK stuff but no standouts. 

Budapest                    24th October 2003

Undoubtedly the most impressive performance for a few shows is the smooth-as-silk version of Tryiní To Get To Heaven. This brings vigour to an otherwise safe and solid outing. 

Graz                            26th October 2003

Nice sound for a controlled performance. No throwaways tonight but do listen for It Ainít Me, Babe in which Dylan weighs every word as if they were gold. 

Vienna                        27th October 2003

This show features a lovely sound together with lots of strong playing. From the cracking intro of To Be Alone With You (yet again) through to a lengthy Most Likely..the first half of the show is super. 

Munich                       29th October 2003

Apart form Love Minus Zero which seems to have adopted a weird tune all of itís own bearing little resemblance to the recorded work, all is pretty much of a muchness.

Bolzano                       31st October 2003

Some spot-on performances this evening.  After a simmering start things pick up with a well-articulated Cry Awhile and a super confident Donít Think Twice. Also Canít wait is top-notch as is Tweedle Dee.

Restless Farewell for now.

Dylan and the 2 riders