Dylan cartoon God-Awful

by Chris Cooper


Hi folks,

Afraid there has been little time to write about my recent exploits, or about the tour generally as I have been somewhat occupied with work, and putting together the largest MM is quite some time, so this will be of necessity short. 

Next month I will bore you all with tales of the shows, for this month though let’s stick with TV stuff. 

Any of you get to see Dylan’s appearance at St Andrews to get his degree? The press up there were full of it, I also saw some on TV but being away from home never got to record it, though a helpful mate is soon to send me a copy. I don’t  understand there just what happened. The Scots a pretty proud lot and falling asleep at the ceremony was really a bad thing to do. The papers up there all showed their indignation at Bob’s behaviour. I understand, from private reports and not newspapers that he only showed for about the last 20 minutes of the ceremony, basically his bit. Could he not stay with it that long? Lately Bob seems much more happy to collect the awards and titles that are offered, I think the least he can do is stay away for them. Sure he had played a show the day before. Sure he was due to play one that night also, but the distances were not great for someone who is used to jetting around as Dylan is. Try harder next time Bob. 

Whilst up there I finally bought a copy of “Gods & Generals” so if you have not seen it yet, or intend to buy it then beware. First the essential bit, yes the video is included on the disc, but its the same edited version that was given free with the soundtrack album. Second, this lengthy film has been placed over two sides of the same DVD. The sides therefore are not clearly labeled and it’s pretty easy to get them muddled. In my machine the disc also slipped twice due to this I think.  But most of all this is  a lonnng film. And I am not referring to the fact that it weighs in at 210 mins and is part one of a trilogy. Much as I appreciate the film has a “message” to get across, there really is not the need for every conversation to become a pivotal speech. It is really hard work. After a bit it reminds me of some of those old poorly made musicials, You know the sort, the conversation slows and you think “oh no, here comes another lame song”. Well they don’t sing, but boy do they carry on!! 

Bonus side, it’s well filmed, the fight scenes are good if a littleold fashioned (you know what I mean, like the old westerns “bang bang” and they fall down dead) But I got thru it and I will watch it again. Mind you, I can be a bit of a masochist my missus tells me. 

Gotta rush, lives and jobs to save don’t you know. 

We’ll speak more next time.

Till Next Time