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by Martin Stein


What a complete and utter surprise Chronicles has turned out to be!  Reviews have been universally positive (when did that last happen to Dylan?) and Im now out and proud, reading a Dylan book on the train of a morning in full view of unsuspecting commuters! 

1.  No, not that election! The plug to convince viewers of Channel 4 TVs Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to vote for Dylan was affectionate though ineffective. 

2.  Golden Globes - In a story about Beckham (the Guardian 11/10/04), we get this little gem:  "Fame," as the actor Tony Curtis once warned Bob Dylan, "is an occupation in itself." 

3.  A signed manuscript has gone up for auction: BOB DYLAN. Printed DS: "Bob Dylan" as The Author, 7p, 8x14. No place, but likely New York City, no date, but circa 1973-1976. Contract between Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., publishers, and the singer/songwriter for Dylan to write a follow-up book to Writings and Drawings. In part: "Whereas the parties wish respectively to publish and have published a work (referred to as the work) of non-fiction. Currently UNTITLED work which is an updated version of the previously published work entitled WRITINGS AND DRAWINGS by Bob Dylan which will consist of the original version of WRITINGS AND DRAWINGS plus 111 new songs...." Dylan has also initialled the contract: "BD" five times. Noted at upper right margin of first page to be "Author's Copy". 

4.  You, You Changed My Life Stephen Dine Young, a professor of psychology, wants to know what Bob has meant to you. He has posted a questionnaire in an attempt to gather information from Dylan fans about why and how Dylan's music has been so important to them - Dylan's Impact Questionnaire. If you have any questions about this research, contact:

5.  Eat The Document - "You've never known a refrigerator raider like Bob," writes pioneering rock journalist Al Aronowitz of Bob Dylan in his new book, "Bob Dylan and the Beatles: Volume One of the Best of the Blacklisted Journalist" (First Books Library). "He'd stand there for what seemed like an hour with the door open and pick a full-course meal off the shelves, running some kind of insane, hilarious, non-stop dinner conversation as he kept chomping away, maybe with a chicken leg in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. If nothing else about Bob ever dazzled me, I had to be awed by his metabolism."

The passage comes from a description of the night when Dylan, while staying at Aronowitz' home in Berkeley Heights, wrote "Mr. Tambourine Man."

The book is available at and price $25.95.