Two Riders Approaching

by The Two Riders

You will recall that Martin mentioned the newly-circulating acetate in the last issue. The full track listing is as follows: 

1) Who Killed Davey Moore: 26/10/63 Carnegie Hall 

2) Gates Of Eden: 31/10/64 Philharmonic Hall 

3) Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag: 12/4/63 Town Hall 

4) Seven Curses: 26/10/63 with a slightly longer intro than version on 'In Concert' 

5) Walls Of Red Wing: 24/4/63 Outtake with applause added on the end 

6) If You Gotta Go, Go Now: 31/10/64 

7) Mr. Tambourine Man: 17/5/64 Has the line "hidden leaves" instead of "frozen" 

8) Hero Blues: Times piano outtake with applause added on the end 

9) Percy's Song: 26/10/63 this does not include an intro as on 'In Concert' version but there is a lot of audience coughing! 

10) Eternal Circle: 17/5/64 

You will readily deduce that we have dated the two 'new' songs as May 17th 1964 which means the Royal Festival Hall concert. This show was recorded for Columbia by Pye Records Ltd onto four 4 inch reels in 3-tracks. Therefore, this is the earliest circulating version of Mr. Tambourine Man and the only extant live version of Eternal Circle. The evidence comes from an article in 'On The Tracks' issue 8 by Michael Krogsgaard in which he reveals that he was able to listen to parts of the Royal Festival Hall reels in addition to a special work reel which had two songs lifted from that show. The two Royal Festival Hall songs on the work reel were 'Eternal Circle' and 'Mr. Tambourine Man'. His investigations further revealed that it appears to have been decided that these two songs were good enough to be cut to a work reel for possible future use. On the master reel, 'Mr. Tambourine Man' featured a long harmonica intro that was apparently cut from the track on the work tape and the beginning of the acetate track has an abrupt start. For 'Eternal Circle', Michael said that Dylan's introduction was something like "Here is a song about what happens to singers ..." which is similar to the one on the acetate. He also went on to say that the above track listing was exactly the same as that for the unreleased album list by Columbia as "In Concert". The one which has circulated amongst collectors was to be called "Live at Carnegie Hall" by Columbia even though the tracks come from New York Town Hall as well as Carnegie Hall! Of course this means that they had slated for release as a live album a mixture of studio and live tracks! 

Quite apart from this convincing evidence, if one listens to the tracks they have the feel of an English concert of the day - a very quiet audience, almost reverential. And for us there is an unproven but posible linkage between the introduction to Eternal Circle in which Dylan says something like 'this here's a song for anyone that plays an instrument - it's not so easy' and I Shall Be Free No. 10 where he says of his guitar "It's nothing - that's something I learned over in England" It seems to us that the English experience really did fuel the latter comments and the RFH just might have been the genesis of that. 

Restless Farewell