Happy Holidays

by Paula Radice




Short and sweet this month, I’m afraid – two days away from the first performance of our Christmas show (“Rock around the Flock”) and also not well (again). I have such a reputation now for getting ill at the end of terms that itfs practically written into the office diary in advance. I think it's a very good argument for shorter school terms... 

lt!s been a great year on the Bob front, but I’ll save the summing up for the Top Ten in the next issue. Want to put money on how many of us will have "Chronicles" at number one? I haven!t reread it yet - having devoured it when it first arrived, in one sitting that went well into the night.  I’m going to try to put time aside over the Christmas break to read it through carefully again. 

2004 will also have been the first year, for a very long time, that I haven!t seen Bob in concert at all, and I'm certainly ready to hear that some British shows are in the planning. If he doesn!t come here, then it may be a case now - as time goes on - of travelling to wherever he is performing. We've been saying for ages that we shouldn't take the touring for granted, but seeing Bob in concert regularly has become a very normal part of life: not seeing a single show this year (because of work commitments) really brought it home to me how much I'll miss the concerts when they're not happening any more. My New Year's Resolution: be prepared to travel to any shows in school holiday time that are even slightly affordable. I couldn't face regretting (in ten, twenty years time) missed opportunities. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and that 2005 will bring you and your families everything you need to be happy and healthy.