Two Riders Approaching

A Fistful of Tapes

by The Two Riders

Detroit                                            16th March 2004

Not the greatest night but there is a better-than-average stab at Shooting Star and also a second encore of the old Bob Seger tune, Get Out Of Denver

Norfolk                                             6th April 2004

Great sound, good show.  It could not have started better – with a superb version of Cold Irons Bound.  Not long after Dylan rolls out an excellent and fully sustained rendition of Lonesome Day Blues.  And, wait for it, a delicious Under The Red Sky

Boone                                              7th April 2004

Bit of a mixed bag but more highs than lows. She Belongs To Me is well done and most welcome.  High Water features some knockout piano work and Hollis Brown is excellent.  In between those two Dylan manages to truly murder Tears of Rage

Now a couple of outstanding Fall shows from 2002. 

Ashville                                           9th April 2004 

One is lulled from the déjà vu of the show openers by song three when we are treated to the now ultra- rare Unbelievable and it is done so well.   Most Likely.. is super and is followed by a mean and moody Can’t Wait.  As ever, If Dogs Run Free hits the mark. 

Columbia                                        10th April 2004

Nothing out of the ordinary except for a spirited Ring Them Bells  and a solid-as-a-rock Things Have Changed

Atlanta                                            12th April 2004

Not a very good show tonight.  Once more Unbvelievable is unveiled but this time it is tuneless and is quickly followed by a very poor vocal performance on I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight. Highway 61 goes on far too long and Summer Days is just so tired.  It is time for him to drop this number. 

Atlanta                                            13th April 2004

Once again Cold Irons Bound serves as a great opener and is matched by Red Sky and a really tasty Not Dark Yet

Atlanta                                            14th April 2004

Third night in a row and it’s a bit better tonight. Hollis Brown, though welcome, is a bit flat due to the now-limited range of Dylan’s voice and the lack of a tune anyway.  However, It Ain’t Me, Babe is great – very dynamic.  And there is a spot-on harp intro to Cat’s In The Well

Gilford                                              4th June 2004

First night of a new tour and a lot of Sixties stuff in the set-list.  Eight songs in tonight’s set date from that era but the standouts are from another time, namely I Believe In You  and Floater

To be continued…….  

Restless Farewell for now.

Mike and John