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(with thanks to Expecting Rain)

by Martin Stein


Of course in a column like this any oversight can be passed off as editorial discretion! 

1.  Dylan Rediscovered - Drive Thru Records is celebrating Bob Dylan's 64th birthday by releasing a tribute album from young pop-punk artists. No track listing is as yet available, but the CD will be titled Listen To Bob Dylan (Because He's Cool) and is slated for release in May 2005. The US punk label aims to introduce a new generation of fans to the legendary singer's songbook: “The goal of the CD is to introduce a newer, younger generation of listeners to Bob Dylan's music through artists that they love”.

2.  Chekhov Checkout - Could these short stories be the basis for a Dylan album?  

3.  Rare Bob Dylan Recording Finds Home at Minnesota History Centre. The Original 1960 Minneapolis recording donated to Minnesota Historical Society – see

Dillon's tape

Curator Bonnie Wilson holds a rare 1960 reel-to-reel recording, with Bob Dylan's name misspelled on the box, of Dylan playing guitar and singing folk songs that was donated to the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, Minn. The tape was made in a Minneapolis apartment while Dylan was playing for friends.

4.  Supplement Paula’s pictures by viewing Bob Dylan sites in Minnesota via  

5.  Details on Martin Scorsese’s forthcoming Dylan film can be found at the following website For the documentary, which will be televised July 13-14 and focus on Dylan's life up to 1966, Dylan's long-time manager and archivist Jeff Rosen has provided "American Masters" access to the singer-songwriter's private audio and video vault. This includes private film of Dylan's '65 and '66 tours (obvious rumours abound about Manchester Free Trade Hall footage but it may just be excerpts from Eat The Document), home movies and complete press conference footage. Also, Rosen interviewed Dylan on video last year for 10 hours - footage that, like other rare material, the producers hope to include as extras on the eventual DVD. 

6.  Dylan has been officially placed alongside such literary greats as Philip Roth and Adrienne Rich, not to mention biographies of Shakespeare and Willem de Kooning. All were among nominees announced for the National Book Critics Circle prizes. Dylan is among the finalists for biography/autobiography, his competition including two acclaimed best sellers: Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton and Stephen Greenblatt's biography of Shakespeare. Also nominated were John Guy's Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart (Houghton Mifflin) and "De Kooning: An American Master," by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan.

7.  Some of Dylan’s albums have been given academic-style ratings at  I know John will be pleased with New Morning’s score but A- for Under The Red Sky?

8.  Come Senators, Congressmen – OK I know it’s the UK Parliament but you can find who mentioned Bob Dylan and why at: