Martin’s 2004 Top 10

[ no particular order...]

by Martin Stein



No matter what the sceptics say I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read.  Fact or Fiction?  Yes to both.

2004 ranks as the worst year ever.  I’m still in denial over the spectacular collapse and implosion of my beloved Leeds United AFC.  I look at the fixture list and think they must be Cup games!  The whole sad sorry episode unwound in front of my eyes and ears each and every Saturday.  At least Germany seem to have turned a corner after their piss-take of an appearance at Euro 2004. 

It was a surprise to discover that I haven’t obtained a single Dylan show from 2004.  I’ve read the reviews and the comments but I have to admit I that I clearly can’t be arsed.  Mind you should see the dust covering my tape collection! 

Clash of Dates.
Not only was I unable to get on down to Cambridge for the second half of the year I couldn’t make the John Green Day or the 25th Anniversary Bash.  The reason? Simple – see 10 below. 

A Pirate Looks at 40.
What have 1964 and 1994 got in common? Me. Not only did I reach the big Four Oh this year but Ann and I chalked up 10 years not out together.  Parties and celebrations ranged from large family gatherings to a break away alone together in Bruges.  Also included was some quality time with my elder brother on a trip to Germany.  Nostalgia may not be what it used to be, but remembering who you are and why is no bad thing. 

I love the books and the films but sadly 2004 will be the last Christmas with a cinema release or Extended DVD to look forward to. I’ll certainly miss the anticipation and excitement.  Sorry Paula! 

All I See Are Dark Skies.
Our summer holiday in France, to escape the English washout, began with a flood. 

By far the biggest disappointment and cause of deepest depression in 2004 was the re-election of the Texan Tosspot by the US masses.  “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do”. 

I’ve now passed my first year as a Freewheeler.  I’m sure you all know about the ‘news’ bits but hopefully I raise a smile in the headline simile.  Freewheelin’ is my most enjoyable and thought-provoking Dylan read, thanks to you all! 

My young family.
Fantastic, rewarding and highly recommended. “Have a bunch of kids who call me Pa.  That must be what it’s all about” – you’re not wrong Bob.