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Goodbye Larry, Larry goodbye.  I think we all wish one of the most talented and effective musicians ever to have backed Bob good luck in the future.

1.  Million Dollar Bash Dylan’s earnings for 2004 placed him 49th on a list of performers with an income of $10.5 million.

ON THE ROAD The sixty-three-year-old legend played eighty-seven gigs, including twenty-two dates at minor-league baseball stadiums with Willie Nelson, and a three-night stand in Detroit that included a guest appearance by the White Stripes' Jack White.
ON CD Buoyed by Columbia's release of remastered versions of fifteen classic albums, Dylan sold 787,000 CDs from his catalogue last year. He also earned $5.6 million in songwriting royalties.
ON THE SIDE Dylan's autobiographical book, Chronicles: Volume One, was nominated for a National Book Critics Circle award and sold more than 312,000 copies, earning Dylan royalties of at least $1 million. Meanwhile, he took in $1.25 million for his ‘work’ on a Victoria's Secret commercial that showed him surrounded by lithe models as "Love Sick" played in the background.In the garden

2.  In The Garden? – Remember the request for footage of Dylan at Glastonbury 1998 in WWW19?  Well this photo (right) has recently surfaced, hinting at a hitherto unknown hobby? 

3.  Studio, I Gotta Go - Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, the Alabama venue where Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Wilson Pickett, the Rolling Stones and Paul Simon all made classic records, has closed its doors forever. “It's a sad day in America,” said producer, session musician and arranger Al Kooper. “So many great records were made there. The musicians, engineers and the magic of the room made it special.”

4.  The full interview which has been reproduced in the programme notes for Dylan’s latest American tour can be found at  

5.  Martin Scorsese's two-part Bob Dylan documentary No Direction Home is now likely to air on BBC2 in late September. 

6.  Hero Blues (1) - Writer Kazuo Ishiguro (50) grew up in Guildford but vividly recalls his early childhood in Nagasaki. He wrote songs and became a social worker before studying creative writing. Early success culminated in The Remains of the Day, which was filmed and won the Booker. “My friends and I took songwriting very, very seriously. My hero was and still is Bob Dylan” he said.

7.  A list of the date/location of the most recent performance of each Bob Dylan song can be found at

8.  Hero Blues (2) - Billy Lee Riley is the best former Sun artist to never have a national hit record. “And Bob Dylan said he considers me his hero. I opened some shows for him, and that's the way he introduced me “My hero.” That was good. Y'know, Bob is a guy that a lot of people don't understand, and I didn't until I met him. Once I met him and sat down and talked with him - he turned out to be a good guy. I've worked with him and worked with his son.” 

9.  Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the Crossroads by Greil Marcus will be out on 29th March. 

10. (With) One More Cup Of Coffee - Starbucks Coffee are rumoured to be releasing an exclusive CD of Bob Dylan's concert at the Gaslight Club, New York City, in October 1962 (the “Gaslight 2” tape). Three performances from this 17-song show already been officially released: No More Auction Block was released on The Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3; Handsome Molly was released on the exclusive Sony Music Japan live compilation CD Bob Dylan Live 1961-2000: Thirty-Nine Years Of Great Concert Performances; The Cuckoo was released on a promo CD with purchases of Bob Dylan's book Chronicles Volume One.  However Starbucks deny any upcoming Bob Dylan CD.

11. A Change Is Gonna Come - Official sources have confirmed that Dylan’s new band members are Denny Freeman, Elana Fremerman and Don Herron. 

12. Sony/Columbia has reportedly set a release date of 16th August 2005 for the next Bootleg Series release, a 2-CD collection of live and studio tracks from 1961-1966. It's characterised as an ‘outtake collection’ in some of the publicity material, suggesting that well less than the half the set will be live material. This is the CD release associated with the Scorsese documentary, but is apparently not simply a soundtrack release. 

13. The albums Bob Dylan and The Times, They Are A-Changin’ are to be released as hybrid SACDs.

14. A True Starbucks story - Joni Mitchell: Selected Songs is a collection of songs, all of which were selected for inclusion on the album by a broad range of friends and fellow musicians who have been influenced by the legendary artist. The CD is to be distributed by Starbucks. Dylan has chosen Free Man in Paris (from the album Court and Spark) and said “I always liked this song because I'd been to Paris and understood what being a free man there was all about. I'm not so sure that the meaning I heard in the song was what Joni intended, but I couldn't stop listening to it.”