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Amongst the concert and book reviews
            Heres some more Dylan news.
            (Im a poet etc.)

1.  There's 24 minutes of footage of members of the Palace family talking about Bob Dylan's puzzling 1970 double-album Self Portrait 

2.  Read Michael Gray's Guardian piece on I'm Not There: Suppositions on a Film Concerning Dylan at,4120,1443368,00.html

3.  Play Bob Dylan Bingo at 

4.  Elvis Costello attended a Dylan show on 21st March. A fan writes - I saw Dylan last night at the Pantages. Costello was in the crowd, and chatted with people as they walked up to him and even posed for a couple of pictures. I usually don't like to bother celebrities in public, but he seemed so approachable that after the show I told him his show was one of the only things that could stop me from going to all five Dylan shows, and I'd see him on Saturday. He thanked me, smiled and shook my hand.  Sounds just like our hero. 

5.  Pioneering British act Kaiser Chiefs are turning to Bob Dylan for inspiration as they prepare to record their next album. Despite winning acclaim for their futuristic strand of pop rock, singer Ricky Wilson is going back in time and incorporating Dylan's lyrical techniques into his band's next offering. He says, I've been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan recently. I don't think that the band is going to end up sounding like Dylan, but I just love the rhythm of his lyrics. We maybe won't have the same subject matter or singing style, but we might have the rhythm. It's good to listen to those records when you're thinking of producing records because they're so radical and adventurous and very inspirational. 

Interestingly almost the same quotes have also been attributed to Franz Ferdinand, mentioning Highway 61 Revisited in particular.