Turn Turn Turn

by Richard Lewis


I was in the middle of writing a longish piece for Freewheelin when John’s letter arrived. I know exactly what he means about time catching up. I feel it too as I also head towards sixty. 

I had a quick look back and realised that I joined Freewheelin almost sixteen years ago in April 1989 when I made my first contribution in issue number 44. Since then I have written about 170 pieces for Freewheelin. 

At one of our Freewheelin get togethers at the Portland Hotel in Lincoln about ten years ago we were having one of our annual “where do we go from here with Freewheelin?” discussions. I remember suggesting that we should each contribute a small amount of money to help cover John’s postage. John would have nothing to do with this idea as he said how much pleasure he took from collating, having the first read and then posting the collated Freewheelins off to each of us. 

Knowing how John felt then, and I am sure he feels just the same now, I realise how hard it must have been to write the letter we all received. But times change and things move on so I am saving up the piece I am still working on until next month and then hope to join in with whatever John has got planned for my final contribution in April. 

I have very much enjoyed the time I have spent writing for Freewheelin and even more the pleasure I have got from reading other Freewheelers’ articles and meeting them and becoming friends. Over the last year, as you are aware from what I have written, I have not made as many contributions as I would have liked. At least now I won’t have that to worry about. 

During term time I find it almost impossible to keep up with magazines not to mention books. In fact I don’t think I have properly read the last few issues of any of the Dylan magazines I get (Isis, Bridge, Judas) including Freewheelin. That is probably why I never get to mention other Freewheelers’ work as it is often months later that I get to read them properly. I am am looking forward to Easter and the chance to at least catch up with Freewheelin’ as I still have a few issues from 2004 to read! 

I am going to try to make my next piece something that you will all be able to enjoy so that I can say right now that my best is soon to come. 

Finally I would like to thank John for inviting me to join Freewheelin all those years ago as otherwise I never would have written any of those 170 articles. It has given me a great deal of pleasure and I hope to some of you as well.