Farewell, Goodbye, Old Friend, FREEWHEELIN

by Dizzy Cooper



Far back in the dim and distant past
Some men pondered over what to do
They wanted to listen to one man
And show they ‘preciated him too
They wanted to collect the sounds and the words
The photos and pictures to see and to sculpt
To smell and to touch, to taste, even if absurd
They wanted to try to "know" this man.

Terry, Chris and John, they soon came to use
Pen, pencil, paper and postage stamp.
Little parcels between letter boxes.
Tape cassettes, typewritten sheets, naught hampered,
Collections growing, reviews glowing, words snowing.
Cassettes disintegrated to be replaced by c.d.
Typewriters jammed and dust collected, re-incarnated into P.C.
Information Highway grew out of "press button B".

The band of Friends grew and grew
Free-Wheeled into the twenty-first century,
Some said "no more" and faded from view
To be replaced by others like water through an estuary.
Some people made you say "Why didn't I think of that?"
And others made you glad you didn't.
The names too many to remember
But we’ll cherish them all for ever.

Faces, so few can I put to their trademarks
But they will stay in collections of priceless papers
In pristine condition like paper antiques.
A well loved library into distance it tapers
With revered names like John Green
Whose collection boosted so many more
And his jiffy-bags helped colleagues all over
And he was the one who opened the door.

The Longevity was 236 months
Near twenty years, meaning hair
Looses colour, waistbands tighten,
Lines on faces get more and cares
Though different are still there.
Pope's passing, promotion to Paradise,
Prince's promising permanence.
Their devotion to Mr. Dylan still survives,
But the fire-breathing monster dies.

Goodbye Freewheelin
    It was fun while it lasted.


The Coopers

The Dynamic Duo at DR79