Look Out The Saints Are Coming Through
(This could be the last time)

I must have been dallying in some day dream when that lightning bolt struck my subconscious. The ghost of such electricity eventually awakened in me the realisation that my long held vision of collating Freewheelin until my dying day was being shattered. When, not without a struggle, I ultimately accepted my altered state, it dawned on me that there would be a wall built against the freedom from all this: the final Freewheelin. I am not however a violent person, I had no intention of tearing down that wall with my bare hands. Instead I thought it would be nice to create a magnificent archway through which all the past and present Freewheelers could merrily amble with a copy of that final Freewheelin underneath their arms. 

So it came to pass that I dug out all my old address books and I wrote to all the Freewheelers that there have ever been with an invitation to contribute to the final episode of this long running Dylan soap. The response was something akin to the parable of the sower: some invitations fell by the wayside because, lacking the knowledge of current whereabouts, they were just not delivered. Other invitations became choked by the thorns and the weeds of yesteryear whereupon their recipients showed no inclination to respond. But other invitations, indeed I am happy to say the majority, fell upon good ground and sprang up in the fertile imaginations of their invitees; and these bore fruit an hundredfold. 

For those who had the ears to hear my calling, and indeed for those who didn’t, you all deserve a special place in the history of Freewheelin. In recognition of that special place, below there is a roll call of honour showing the timing and duration of each Freewheeler’s tenancy. And for those who responded to my invitation and whose fruits of kind labour can be found in this final Freewheelin: your names are entered in bold

Onward with me then, through that magnificent archway. If you recall, the invitation suggested contributions based on the last time you listened to Bob Dylan.



The Freewheeler’s Roll of Honour

Chris Cooper   1985 – 2005
John  Stokes    1985 – 2005
Terry Kendrick   1985 – 1992
Mel Gamble   1985 – 1998
John Welburn   1985 – 2001
Neil Watson   1985 – 2003
Brian Hey   1985 – 1986
Glynn Worwood   1985 – 1987
Roger Wass   1985 – 1987
Dave Dingle (HM)   1985 – 1991
Keith Marsh   1986 – 1988
Chris Hockenhull    1986 – 2004
Patrick Webster   1987 – 2005
Derek Barker   1987 – 1989
Mark Carter   1988 – 2005
Ian Woodward   1988 – 1991
Richard Lewis   1989 – 2005
John Green   1989 – 1999

(article on behalf of John by his friend and ours Al Masciocchi)

Jeff Stevens   1991 – 2001
The Two Riders   1991 – 2005
Andrew Muir   1998 – 2002
Keith Wootton (HM)   1999 – 2002
Robert Forryan   2000 – 2003
Paula Radice   2001 – 2005
C.P. Lee   2001 – 2005
Jim Gillan   2002 – 2005
David Brazier    2002 – 2002
Russell Blatcher   2002 – 2003
Martin Stein   2003 – 2005
Michael Crimmins   2003 – 2005
John Nye (HM)   2003 – 2005
Bob Fletcher   2004 – 2005
Trevor Gibb   2004 – 2005
HM  = Honorary member.