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We are in our 33rd year of regular meetings in Cambridge, and now meet at The Red Bull pub [in the upstairs Function Room], 11 Barton Road, Newnham, Cambridge CB3 9JZ.

Come and meet other Dylan fans and hear all the latest Dylan news. You'll find dates for our meetings here, along with venue information. It would be great to see Dylan friends old and new.

Bobchat evenings are when members of The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society [or anybody else who wants to come along] get together and talk about all those Bobthings that never get talked about anywhere else. The meetings are a blend of Dylan audio, Dylan video and Dylan chat [mostly chat]. Very informal, over a pint, all are welcome.

We are one of the longest running Dylan groups in the UK.


Dylan video, Dylan audio - and a room full of Dylan fans

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The next Bobchat meeting of The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society is at The Red Bull on Thursday, March 30 starting at 7.45pm
These are confirmed dates for Bobchat meetings of The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society.
Thursday 30 March 2017, 7.45pm
On Tonight's Agenda
[as long as we can squeeze it all in before the pub shuts]

> Rumours and assorted facts - Dylan's little red 'Blood On The Tracks' notebook. First there was one, now there are three...
> Triplicate, Bob Dylan's new triple album of American standards, will be hot off the press around the time of Bobchat
> ‘Massive Bob Dylan Archive Opens in Oklahoma’ - The Return Of The Wicked Messenger
> Izzy Young and John Hammond and their first impressions of the young Bob Dylan in the early 60s
> John Stokes and 'Play A Song From Me'
> The albums that never were and should have been
> Session men talking
> Q&A with Bill Flanagan and Bob Dylan
> It's 33 years since Dylan and the L.A. punk band The Plugz played The Letterman Show - any excuse to play it again...
> Dylan starts his European tour on April 1 and includes three shows at The London Palladium, the famous West End theatre mentioned
by Dylan in his Nobel prize acceptance speech
> ... plus MyWay 66 - highlights from the 1966 boxset
[all or some of the above might change depending on how the discussions go on the night. Our evenings are very relaxed and informal,
over a pint, all are welcome]
Thursday 25 May 2017, 7.45pm

Thursday 27 July 2017, 7.45pm

Thursday 28 September 2017, 7.45pm

Thursday 30 November 2017, 7.45pm

Bobchat meetings at:
The Red Bull
(in the upstairs Function Room)

11 Barton Road, Newnham, Cambridge CB3 9JZ
Tel: 01223 300943

Meetings start at 7.45pm [we make a small collection at the end for the room]

[for directions, see here]  [The Red Bull on Facebook here]
The Red Bull   The Red Bull
The Red Bull is a friendly pub and has good food - it's best known for its pizzas. The burgers are very nice too. There's a car park behind the pub, access in Hardwick Street. JN


Bobchat meetings


January 26
We chose 'Fourth Time Around' from Dylan's Melbourne 1966 concert as our theme tune for the night - as we celebrated our fourth anniversary at The Red Bull pub  ●  Intro and outline of the night's agenda from John Nye  ●  John Stokes and 'Play A Song From Me': 'Planet Waves' under the spotlight and we played track 6, 'Forever Young'  ●  John Nye on MediaMass and fake news - Dylan stories in the press that just don't ring true  ●  Jeff Stevens took an in-depth look at the Robbie Robertson's autobiography 'Testimony', aided by David Palmer and Chris Cooper  ●  Small town America comes to Lancashire, UK! Allen Purvis reported on the latest twist in The Beaten Path, which is still making headlines even after the exhibition has closed  ●  Sid Astbury [visiting Cambridge for the weekend] spoke on his local Newcastle-based Bridge group, who meet up the last Thursday of every month to talk about Dylan  ●  MyWay66: John Nye chose his highlight from the new 1966 boxset - Mr Tambourine Man, from DeMontfort Hall, Leicester, 15 May 1966  ●  Upgraded video from Dylan's Birmingham 1987 concert  ●  The hilarious Episode 1 of Sky Arts' new 'Urban Myths' series, about Bob Dylan's attempt to visit his good friend Dave Stewart  ●  New video footage of Bob Dylan from the 1969 Isle Of Wight press conference  ●  Armando Fusco reported on the BBC Radio 4 Extra story 'Don't Think Twice', written and read by Annie McCartney [when you share a birthday with your all-time hero, Bob Dylan, and have got to let him know], which is currently up on BBC iPlayer Radio here ●  Audio of Dylan playing grand piano on Barry Goldberg's 1971 session for 'High Heeled Sneakers'. [poster here] JN


December 15
A pre-Christmas video night - not a Bobchat meeting. Nearly 2 hours of semi-pro video of Bob Dylan and his band at The Desert Trips 1 and 2 [7 and 14 October 2016, Indio Polo Club, Indio, CA]. [poster here] JN

November 24
Intro and outline of the night's agenda from John Nye  ●  John Stokes put the 1973 album 'Dylan' under the spotlight and we played Spanish Is The Loving Tongue  ●  John Nye and John Stokes on the critics-eye view of Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize for Literature - The Good, The Bad and The Funny  ●  The Beaten Path - train tracks and country roads with a US backdrop. Allen Purvis looked at Bob Dylan's new art exhibition currently in London  ●  Jeff Stevens read from David Remnick's 'New Yorker' profile on the late Leonard Cohen, which includes recent Dylan comments on Leonard Cohen's work  ●  David Palmer on Bob Dylan's just finished US tour, including semi-pro video of Dylan and the band at The Desert Trip 1 concert [7 Oct 2016] performing High Water (For Charley Patton)  ●  The 40th anniversary of The Last Waltz concert at the Winterland Arena, San Francisco on 25 November 1976, plus video of Hazel, from the concert  ●  'Bob Dylan - The 1966 Live Recordings: The untold story behind the recordings' - the official promo video for the 1966 box-set  ●  Chris Cooper on Clinton Heylin's new book 'Judas!'  ●  In 1966 there was... well now we know! The 36 CD box-set with Chris Cooper looking at all its twists and turns  ●  'Rumours and assorted facts' surrounding the next big mega CD package from Sony - the Gospel years, 1979-1981. [poster here] JN

September 29
Intro and outline of the night's agenda from John Nye  ●  News of the sad passing of Rita Miller, a long-time friend of TCBDS, who - together with her husband Eric - used to be a regular at our video nights before retiring to Hunstanton  ●  John Stokes put 'Under The Red Sky' in the spotlight and 'Born In Time' won the vote  ●  Allen Purvis talked briefly about a new exhibition of Dylan art coming to Cambridge in October  ●  John Nye started the discussion on 'The 1966 Live Recordings', the 36 CD boxset being released by Sony in November  ●  Jeff Stevens talked briefly about Glenn Horowitz, the man who brokered the deal that set up The Bob Dylan Archive in Tulsa, and played extracts from a radio interview with the archive's curator Michael Chaiken  ●  John Nye played two videos showing deliveries being unboxed and examined at The Bob Dylan Archive in Tulsa  ●  John Stokes on 'The Desert Trip', where Dylan shares a line-up with The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, The Who and Neil Young - and they do it twice over two weekends!  ●  Chris Cooper with memories of seeing Bob Dylan in Bristol in 1966  ●  Mark Makin talked about Dylan in Manchester at the Free Trade Hall in 1966  ●  It's the 30th anniversary of the film 'Hearts Of Fire' - Chris Cooper and Mark Makin were extras in the audience at Colston Hall, Bristol, during the filming and both told their stories  ●  Chris Cooper introduced two new videos from the 'Hearts of Fire' filming - Dylan signing autographs from the stage at Colston Hall, Bristol, and a complete unused take of 'Had A Dream About You, Baby'  ●  Mark Makin on taking those now famous and iconic 1966 'Judas' pictures at Manchester's Free Trade Hall and the legal battle that followed decades later after publication. [poster here] JN

July 28
Intro and outline of the night's agenda from John Nye  ●  Brief talk about The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society website, again by John Nye, which now includes a large section for Freewheelin-on-line  ●  John Stokes put 'Another Side of Bob Dylan' under the spotlight and we played To Ramona  ●  Allen Purvis looked at Dylan and motorbike accidents - he's had a few! One ended his 66 tour, and spawned a whole new musical direction for him  ●  Jeff Stevens gave a topical look at Eric Andersen, a Dylan contemporary from the 60s Greenwich Village folk scene  ●  David Palmer talked briefly about Dylan's most recent studio recordings  ●  Chris Cooper and David Palmer on the newly-surfaced 1985 audio of Dylan in the studio and in rehearsal  ●  Chris Cooper then discussed Bob Dylan as chauffeur in the film Paradise Cove (1999) and how we all missed it  ●  Chris Cooper on a newly-sourced BBC Madhouse On Castle Street audio  ●  We also played a previously unknown version of Dylan singing Masters of War from Root Hog Or Die, a 6 LP [vinyl] collection released in January and featuring 100 of Alan Lomax's finest field recordings to celebrate his 100th birthday - a centennial tribute  ●  David Palmer on Blonde on Blonde and more proof that the UK release date was not in May, as widely celebrated earlier this year, but may have been as late as August  ●  Chris Rolph ended the evening on the trials and tribulations of collecting Bob Dylan vinyl bootlegs. He showed some rare items from his vast collection. JN

For details of earlier meetings click here.